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May 03, 2019

Current Position:
SC Endoscopy Technician
Advance Endoscopy Technician

Years in GI:

MSGNA Offices Held:
MSGNA Director
MSGNA Membership Committee Chair

SGNA Special Interest Group (SIG) Co-Chair
Technician and Associates

MSGNA Fall COnference, Presenter 2018
SGNA Webinar, Presenter, April 2019

Endoscopy Technician 12 years
Advance Technician 3 years
SGNA Associates, GTS
Advance Associate, AGTS
Certified Flexible Endoscopy Reprocessing Technician, CFER 2017
Maine SGNA Board Member 2 years
Maine SGNA Membership Chair
SIG Co-Chair SGNA Technician & Associates.

Why I Love GI:
With the variety of challenges in doing procedures, I take something away from all the doctors I work with. And with that I become a better clinician/Technician in the endoscopy field. My self motivation has exposed me to many opportunities in endoscopy. My job isn’t just a job, it’s my career.

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